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Thursday, January 15th, 2009
9:57 pm - slow and steady wins the race, except in an actual race
I failed to advance far enough to bother entering for the 2008 Austin Marathon, but i've registered for the 2009 one. Barring injury, i don't think i'll have a problem finishing it. Pretty cocky for a guy who hasn't run more than 16 miles, i know, but i'll do my longest run this weekend, and i've felt great so far while ramping up.

I did fall a little behind on my training schedule. I couldn't train for two weeks in December due to a slew of sick family members. That alone wouldn't put me back too much, but then i missed another two weeks over Christmas vacation.

Still, i do feel really good about it.

Also, my goal hasn't changed from last time - i still just want to complete it. But my optimistic projections have. I now hope to complete the 26 miles in 5.5 hours, which works out to just over 12.5 minutes per mile. Of course, i'll consider it complete victory just to finish, no matter how long it takes.

That reminds me, i need to go run.

And i promised a post on a different topic; i'll get to it eventually.

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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
5:54 pm - Do I have a chance?
I may run the AT&T marathon (http://www.attaustinmarathon.com/cms/) next year.  I started thinking about it about a week ago.  A few days ago I decided to start running in the mornings to see how it goes.  Today, on my fourth run, I did 2.5 miles at 10 minutes per mile.  And I have yet to lose this huge gut.  When I last worked out seriously, I used to run 3 8.5 minute miles before starting a full (strength) work out.

With 130 days before the marathon, I think I might do it.  For the record, I'd merely like to finish it.  That means doing 26 16-minute miles.

My decision plan goes something like this: build up my distance a bit over the next two weeks.  Start running to work - 5 miles each way.  See how that goes for a few days, then decide whether to register for the marathon or the half-marathon.  I'd really, really prefer to do the former.

I'll talk to my friend, Ironman Scott, tonight about it.

This has something of a mid-life-crisis-y feel to it, but I can live with that.

Next post: How it feels to decide a man's fate

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Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
3:45 pm - The fruits of my loins are here for all to see.

imzadi hasn't seen the kids in at least 6 months, so I've uploaded a couple recent pics.

(Forgive me while I play with the LJ image-in-a-post behaviors.)

Genevieve, age 2

Payson, age 3.5

P.S. You get 10 points if you recognize the quote I used as a subject.

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
5:40 pm
Of course, this represents my return to LJ after more than six years.  grieve made me do it.

Not much has changed in that time, lied ojo.

Ironically, and wonderfully, I have married the friend I referred to in the previous post, and then had two kids with her.

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4:47 pm
I started my new job at PayPal yesterday.  And today my boss left for San Jose.

So, without developer training or an assigned mentor/buddy, I get to figure stuff out on my own for a while.  Nothing terribly interesting.

However, I did find www.paypalsucks.com today.  In fact, I found it by reading an email I received entitled "Daily Comment Highlights & Lowlights", which shows the most positive and most negative user comments.  I respect a corporation who sends that list out to every developer every day.

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Tuesday, July 17th, 2001
5:41 am - and i mean _everything_
A friend called me Saturday needing some company and help because her cat had died. I went and talked to her for a while, then we went to a movie (she wanted to get out of the house), then we went back and buried her pet.

There isn't much of a point to all this, except i'm reminded of this image:

This is the parting message of the Catacombs, the mass tomb under Paris. It reads "He fears not Death who has learned to despise Life", which I prefer to read as "Don't fear death; fear not living.".

Everything is glorious. Love it.

A few of my pics from the catacombs are available at http://www.ojohaven.com/ojo/1999/03/16/.

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2001
9:09 pm - "lj syndrome"
"feeling a need to update your live journal even though you have nothing to say". I've seen it many times. I never realized its contagious nature. I guess it went airborne. And now you might have it. Someone better notify CDC.

So, what can i scrape together?

I suspect that when they invent the machine/drug that burrows into your brain and directly stimulates your pleasure centers, it'll feel a lot like the taste of soy and curry sauces over combo fried rice.

I finally listened to a little of psychoexgirlfriend.com, and it's worse than i would've imagined. There're fucking ads on that site. I wanted to listen to all of them, hoping that there would be some kind of point, or redeeming quality to the site. But i just couldn't do it. I don't particularly have a problem with the guy's posting them. I want the freedom of the internet. I want hate sites to exist. I want people to opine. But this one was too much for me.

I fed my babies (the snakes) today. They're the cutest. Afterwards, when i was cleaning their terrarium, i had them both over my neck. A little difficult to work like that, but i like to give them the contact as much as possible. But as i was walking thru the dinette i paused, just long enough for Inertia to wrap her little snakey head around the hanging faux-chandelier and start climbing it. Well, i couldn't get her off immediately, which meant it was immediately too late, so i let go of her body as she slithered up into the works. I put Spot down and quickly took the glass globes off of the lights so Inertia wouldn't knock them off. Then i took a few pictures of her up there. :) (I can't post them yet because my libretto is dead and i have no other pcmcia-capable machines.) Then i took a few minutes and worked her out of it.

While i was at the pet store getting mice, i also picked up a crab for the aquarium.

Oh, and finally in pet news, definitely one, and possibly two, of the guppies are gravid. With any luck, at least some of their babies won't be eaten by the glass fish. I've probably had about 60 guppies born in that aquarium, and perhaps 2 or 3 lived to adulthood. But there are more little hidey places that the young can go now where the glass fish can't get them, so maybe the odds are a little better. If not, maybe i'm selectively breeding the world's fastest guppies.

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Thursday, April 19th, 2001
7:25 pm - too quick
Climbing, well, rocked, if you'll forgive the pun. I'm way late for working out, but as Rob bailed on me, timeliness is low on the relevance meter. After climbing Rob and i went to dave & busters. What a great place. I'm consistantly impressed with their food. Last nite i had the meatballs and spaghetti, wonderful. We played several games, it was fun. Rob made more Roba Lisas (his face captured in the photo booth and superimposed on la joconde, the mona lisa) to his nefarious purpose.

Anyway, way past time to leave for the gym. I gotta bolt. Then borders for coffee, then juggling nite. I can't wait to show duane the new tricks we invented last week...

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2001
3:57 pm - breaking the seal
No biggie, just my first lj entry. I'll try to mimic what i've seen others do for my first entry until i understand the system better.

BTW it took the "local" time for this post from my machine, and my machines are always in GMT. Current local time is GMT-5. I hate local timezones, but that's a whole page in itself. In fact, i've been meaning to start a rants page. I'll have to get around to that.

So i haven't worked in over two months, now, but i still don't seem to get anything done. That's not literally true, and in fact i've done some of the best good my body's seen since high school, but i mean my projects*. I have time. Why aren't i working on them? I do get to do some organizational stuff during the time i spend at borders cafe after working out. But not if i get online (via cell-phone-cum-modem, which costs me a fortune, to boot; i've heard about some wireless modem technologies that i ought to look at).

My newts both died in the past month. They were the fire-bellied variety. I've had them for about 5 years. It was sad.

Rob and i are going climbing tonite with dudley and deborah. This'll be my first return to climbing since somehting like 1997. I'm probably stronger now than i was when i was climbing, but i'm afraid i've lost all my technique. Hope my new-found strength is enough to power me through my loss of finesse. Or maybe climbing is like riding a bike, and i'll pick up (nearly) where i left off.

So much more to talk about, but later.

* My "projects" are a bunch of things i keep carefully organized in a set of files i call my "wallet" on my libretto (subnotebook computer). They're the things i've always wanted to spend time on when i got the chance.

current mood: content

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