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breaking the seal

No biggie, just my first lj entry. I'll try to mimic what i've seen others do for my first entry until i understand the system better.

BTW it took the "local" time for this post from my machine, and my machines are always in GMT. Current local time is GMT-5. I hate local timezones, but that's a whole page in itself. In fact, i've been meaning to start a rants page. I'll have to get around to that.

So i haven't worked in over two months, now, but i still don't seem to get anything done. That's not literally true, and in fact i've done some of the best good my body's seen since high school, but i mean my projects*. I have time. Why aren't i working on them? I do get to do some organizational stuff during the time i spend at borders cafe after working out. But not if i get online (via cell-phone-cum-modem, which costs me a fortune, to boot; i've heard about some wireless modem technologies that i ought to look at).

My newts both died in the past month. They were the fire-bellied variety. I've had them for about 5 years. It was sad.

Rob and i are going climbing tonite with dudley and deborah. This'll be my first return to climbing since somehting like 1997. I'm probably stronger now than i was when i was climbing, but i'm afraid i've lost all my technique. Hope my new-found strength is enough to power me through my loss of finesse. Or maybe climbing is like riding a bike, and i'll pick up (nearly) where i left off.

So much more to talk about, but later.

* My "projects" are a bunch of things i keep carefully organized in a set of files i call my "wallet" on my libretto (subnotebook computer). They're the things i've always wanted to spend time on when i got the chance.
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