ojo (ojo) wrote,

slow and steady wins the race, except in an actual race

I failed to advance far enough to bother entering for the 2008 Austin Marathon, but i've registered for the 2009 one. Barring injury, i don't think i'll have a problem finishing it. Pretty cocky for a guy who hasn't run more than 16 miles, i know, but i'll do my longest run this weekend, and i've felt great so far while ramping up.

I did fall a little behind on my training schedule. I couldn't train for two weeks in December due to a slew of sick family members. That alone wouldn't put me back too much, but then i missed another two weeks over Christmas vacation.

Still, i do feel really good about it.

Also, my goal hasn't changed from last time - i still just want to complete it. But my optimistic projections have. I now hope to complete the 26 miles in 5.5 hours, which works out to just over 12.5 minutes per mile. Of course, i'll consider it complete victory just to finish, no matter how long it takes.

That reminds me, i need to go run.

And i promised a post on a different topic; i'll get to it eventually.
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