ojo (ojo) wrote,

Do I have a chance?

I may run the AT&T marathon (http://www.attaustinmarathon.com/cms/) next year.  I started thinking about it about a week ago.  A few days ago I decided to start running in the mornings to see how it goes.  Today, on my fourth run, I did 2.5 miles at 10 minutes per mile.  And I have yet to lose this huge gut.  When I last worked out seriously, I used to run 3 8.5 minute miles before starting a full (strength) work out.

With 130 days before the marathon, I think I might do it.  For the record, I'd merely like to finish it.  That means doing 26 16-minute miles.

My decision plan goes something like this: build up my distance a bit over the next two weeks.  Start running to work - 5 miles each way.  See how that goes for a few days, then decide whether to register for the marathon or the half-marathon.  I'd really, really prefer to do the former.

I'll talk to my friend, Ironman Scott, tonight about it.

This has something of a mid-life-crisis-y feel to it, but I can live with that.

Next post: How it feels to decide a man's fate
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